I’m glad you’re here, this is Design Guidelines, a place where you can find the best publicly available design guidelines and the thought process behind it. I like to call it a collection of living documents that hopefully you will find useful.

But why make a website for this?

Design languages (also known as design systems, style guides, visual identities and many more) are documents that help companies build better user experiences and a stronger brand. By collecting them under one umbrella, I wanted to show people how organisations think about design problems and build digital products hence Design Guidelines was born.

  • I would love this project to:
  • Inspire companies to build their unique design guidelines that truly reflect the organisation.
  • Encourage companies to challenge their existing systems and always try to improve on them.
  • Find out why certain elements are built the way they are and what was the process behind it.
  • Help designers seek more understanding and inspiration.

Okay, so what are the future plans?

Well, I would strongly encourage anyone who would like to contribute to do so and make it a collaborative project, so do not hesitate to contact me. There’s also a Submit button on the site, that is for you to send me guidelines or articles you would like to see on Design Guidelines. If something is not accurate on site, please let me know, because I want the information to reflect reality at all times.

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